About Geraldine Sullivan

Although I like to take a practical and common sense approach to my work, my emphasis is very much on the Inner Life, using astrology and cards as symbols to access Soul Guidance.

It is not the experiences we go through that are important but what we learn from them.

Life often seems like a continuous stream of problem solving and when we are able to take a positive and creative approach to this process we are blessed with insight, love and wisdom.

I have been studying and teaching Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and the Card System for over 25 years. I first started learning astrology in California with The Church of Light and later used to teach astrology at a College and University there.

I wrote an astrology section for ‘Star’ magazine, appeared on TV talk shows and was a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

During this California period I alternated between creative projects such as singing, writing, painting and music with deepening my study of metaphysical subjects.

As well as co-writing a film script that was made into a full-length movie, I studied Tarot, the Quabalah, trained in Jo-Rei Healing and started meditating.

The Card System was also a great study of mine. I first learnt about it in the US from Edith Randall and Florence Campbell’s book “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients”. Then I went on to expand my knowledge of the system through private sessions with Arnie Lein (author of “What Card are you?”) as well as researching thousands of case studies.

When I returned to England I did an unusual science degree at a London University in Astrology and Psychology that also included dreams and mystical experiences.

I lectured at Astrological Conferences in the UK and abroad as well as teaching at Adult Education Centres.

Although a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain I also became a Council Member for a while before finding my life too busy writing books For list of books see Books Section.

Although trained in such useful disciplines as NLP, I find meditating and ‘tuning in’ to my soul and spirit is of most importance both in my work and personally.

I follow the Yogic philosophies of the great Indian Master Paramahansa Yogananda, author of ‘Autobiography of a Yogi‘¬†www.yogananda.org and support the humanitarian work of the ‘hugging saint’ Amritanandamayi¬†www.ammachi.org

I have been a Kriyaban for many years. Since in life I am fascinated by patterns, meaning and relationship I am very fortunate to love my work as I find each client’s unique destiny or ‘karmic blueprint’ so remarkable.

God Bless, Geri