astrology wheelAstrology is an extraordinarily powerful tool for self-awareness. By using your birth chart to identify and strengthen your natural potential and change negative beliefs or behavior you can go quickly to core issues. This makes it easier to connect to your soul purpose and personal power.

Knowing how to make the best use of the planetary energies in the months ahead can be particularly helpful to maximize your positive opportunities. Equally you can transform problems areas whether in relationships, health or at work. An astrological reading can also prove highly insightful for analyzing compatibility in your personal associations, particularly romantic partners or work colleagues.

Similarly knowing your child’s horoscope can prove powerfully effective in working to minimize their difficult areas and bring out their natural talents.

Astrology Consultation

To erect your horoscope Geri needs your date and place of birth, including the exact time (if known). She will then arrange an appointment for a reading with you by phone/Zoom or Skype.

If you choose a phone consultation, Geri will call you whether in Europe or the US at a mutually arranged time. All readings are recorded and are confidential. Your chart will be kept on file should you want planetary updates, be at a crossroads in your life or need more clarity on specific problems.

Geri lives in London but also regularly visits California to give workshops and readings. All consultations are recorded.

Session Time: 60 mins for $150. Approx. £120. Pay with secure Paypal.

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