tarotTarot cards have been used for many centuries as a means of divination and self-knowledge. In the ‘dark ages’ people who explored esoteric or holistic knowledge of any type were ruthlessly persecuted so often educated people had to hide their wisdom.

Tarot cards contain vast banks of information hidden in back of the simple pictures, numbers and suits that make up the deck. Behind the 22 picture cards of the Major Arcana in the Tarot is a symbolic journey.

The journey all human being make towards higher knowledge as they pass through the various archetypal situations faced at different ages of life. Everyone is able to identify at some time with the universal roles that these cards represent.

The journey starts with the innocence of the Divine “Fool” and ends at “The World” card, a time when people are able to see ‘the bigger picture’ and pass onto greater understanding.

The Minor Arcana represents the 4 elements, fire, earth, air and water and these correspond to different levels of existence in life. For example, the cups suit represents water, which equates with emotions. When you put a number with an element you get a certain type of energy. If you put a number 5, which in numerology is a fast moving number, with the cups suit you get fast moving emotions.

The symbolic language of the Tarot therefore represents much knowledge condensed into a shorter form.

There are 78 cards in all, divided into the Major Arcana (22 cards) and 56 cards that make up the Minor Arcana.

The Tarot can be used to classify experience for self-study and self-awareness or can be approached for divination purposes. By choosing a group of cards at a set time, a unique pattern of energies and archetypal situations are chosen to syncronistically relate to current life situations.

By using these symbols as ‘mirrors’ for our life experience we are able to interpret what forces are becoming visible in the present and future and how we can use them positively. If you would like a Tarot reading from Geri a variety of spreads or layouts can be used to obtain either a general reading or advice on specific issues.

Readings last for approx. 30 mins and are recorded so that valuable information can be checked at a later date.

The fee is $75  with secure payment with Paypal.